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Welcome to Electric Ancient Egyptians. It is our mission and vision to push through barriers of mis-perceptions and misunderstandings to discover the true history of Earth, her ancient civilizations, and lost technologies that if rediscovered, could change life on our precious planet.

This is a tall order and will require a team effort. One person working alone cannot possibly accumulate enough information, and the task is like the Buddhist tale of six blind men trying to describe an elephant. One holds the tail, another holds the trunk, and yet another grasps a tusk. Each truthfully describes the part of the elephant they touch, but none of them can perceive the whole creature.

The theories that led to my work are based on years of personal research, but as we move ahead on this journey, I welcome input from others. I hope that my work will inspire curiosity in those who are also working to puzzle out these ancient mysteries


James Ernest Brown

James Ernest Brown

James Brown has worked as a commercial contractor and builder for five decades. His family-owned construction company has built 2,300 homes, commercial buildings, and multi-family dwellings, winning five national awards for energy efficiency in cold weather climates.
He describes himself as a practical thinker, and believes that the logic and results of his research need to make practical sense. His perspectives on design and construction led him to question the simplistic assertion that pyramids were built as tombs. A well-known axiom in building is “form follows function.”
Brown’s journey began in 1977 with an epiphany regarding the nature of pyramids and a resulting relentless desire to comprehend the true purpose of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Being a professional builder and designer, he further developed a passion to decode the purposefully designed monuments of ancient Egypt. James Brown has traveled to Egypt multiple times since the 1970s, gathering evidence and data to support his alternative theories and ongoing research. He plans to build a scale model replica using pyramid geometry, modern materials, and updated methods, to demonstrate that the Great Pyramid’s main purpose was to electrify

Ancient Energy Research Center

We’re working to rediscover how ancient forms of energy can benefit the modern world.